Pilot Association Writes To Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu For 'One Rank One Pay'

| October 17 , 2018 , 12:07 IST

The Indian Commercial Pilot’s Association (ICPA) on Tuesday wrote to Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu seeking ‘One Rank One Pay’ for all the pilots working at the national passenger carrier Air India.

In a letter to Prabhu, ICPA urged the ministry to take a cognizance of the pilots' pay parity issue continuing from the Air India-Indian Airlines merger that took place more than a decade ago.

According to ICPA, from October 2017, the Air India management had started paying a section of widebody pilots an ad-hoc amount at par with the new proposal which is yet to be approved by MoCA.

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The Pilot's Association alleges that half of the flying allowances paid to the wide-body pilots is fixed at an exchange rate of Rs 45.50 per the US dollar while the present exchange rate has reached Rs 74 per the US dollar.

"In spite of being in the know of the US dollars being paid to these pilots at an exchange rate of INR 45.50, the Director (Operations) has taken no initiative to correct the wrong for reasons best known to him," the ICPA said in the statement.

“While the majority of Air India pilots are paid international layover subsistence allowance on actual international night stops (USD 200), a section of widebody pilots continue to receive a fixed monthly international layover allowance irrespective of a number of international night stops undertaken,” it added.