Petrol & Diesel Prices Continue To Soar, Petrol Reaches Rs 91.96 Per Litre In Patna

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| September 24 , 2018 , 14:31 IST

As petrol and diesel prices continue to soar across the country with gaining a lot of criticism to the ruling government, the petrol price reached Rs 91.06 per litre in Patna whereas in Mumbai it crossed Rs 90 mark on Monday.

Petrol is retailing at Rs 90.08 per litre, diesel is retailing at Rs.78.58 per litre in Mumbai whereas Petrol is retailing at Rs 82.72 per litre and diesel is retailing at Rs74.02 per litre in Delhi.

According to Indian Oil Corporation of India, petrol is retailing at Rs 83.37 per litre in Bengaluru, Rs 82.14 per litre in Lucknow, Rs 84.54 per litre in Kolkata, Rs 87.70 per litre in Hyderabad, Rs 85.17 per litre in Guwahati and 85.99 per litre in Chennai.

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While Diesel is priced at Rs 74.40 per litre in Bengaluru, Rs 74.15 per litre in Lucknow,  Rs 75.87 per litre in Kolkata, Rs 80.51 per litre in Hyderabad, Rs 77.40 per litre in Guwahati and Rs 78.26/litre in Chennai.

If we compare different cities petrol and diesel price, Delhi is among the top metropolitan cities where the price is least.

Experts have been claiming that continuous hike in fuel prices is a result of increases in crude oil prices which has touched around $78.80 per barrel.

Further, experts also claimed that the high excise duty in the country has also added to the high petrol and diesel prices.

According to the ministry of petroleum and natural gas released monthly crude oil production data of August 2018, Crude oil production during August 2018 was 2908.12 TMT which is 6.47 per cent lower than target and 3.70 per cent lower when compared with August 2017.

While natural gas production during August, 2018 was 2789.34 MMSCM which is 8.10 per cent lower than the target for the month but 0.59 per cent higher when compared with August, 2017.