Petrol And Diesel Prices Cut Down For Fourth Day In A Row

| June 24 , 2018 , 11:56 IST

Oil marketing companies (OMCs) on Sunday reduced fuel prices for the fourth day in a row. The new fuel prices for diesel and petrol were made effective from 6 a.m. onwards, as mentioned on Indian oil website.

The new petrol prices are Rs. 75.79 in Delhi, Rs. 78.47 in Kolkata, Rs. 83.44 in Mumbai, and Rs 78.65 in Chennai. 

The old petrol prices of these cities were standing at Rs. 75.93 in Delhi, Rs. 78.61 in Kolkata, Rs. 83.61 in Mumbai, and Rs 78.80 in Chennai on June 23.

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Diesel prices also reduces in major cities which are Rs. 67.54 in Delhi, Rs. 70.09 in Kolkata, Rs. 71.16 in Rs. Mumbai and Rs. 71.29 in Chennai respectively.

Earlier the Diesel were stood at Rs. 67.61 (Delhi), Rs. 70.16 in Kolkata, Rs. 71.87 in Mumbai and Rs. 71.36 in Chennai on June 23.

On an average 14 to 17 paise got reduced in which Delhi and Kolkata petrol prices fell by 14 paise, whereas Mumbai petrol prices fell by 17 paise and Chennai petrol prices fell by 15 paise.

The diesel prices in Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai fell by 7 paise, while Mumbai prices fell by 71 paise.

For last couple of day’s petrol and diesel prices are continuously going down.  

Petrol and diesel prices faced massive hikes after the Karnataka state assembly elections in May this year.