Petrol And Diesel Prices At Record High Of Rs 74.40 And Rs 65.65 Per Litre In Delhi

| April 22 , 2018 , 15:00 IST

Petrol prices on Sunday surged yet again and have reached their record high. While petrol is being sold at Rs 74.40 a litre, diesel is being sold at Rs 65.65 in the national capital. This comes, as state-owned oil firms have revised the auto-fuel prices increasing the petrol and diesel rates by 19 paise a litre in Delhi.

While petrol prices are at their highest since the Narendra Modi Government came to power, Diesel prices have hit the highest ever record as per the stats available on the Indian Oil Corporation website. This is the highest petrol price since 14 September 2013 when prices had touched Rs 76.06 per litre.

While Petrol is being sold at Rd 77.10 in Kolkata, Rs 82.25 in Mumbai and Rs 77.19 in Chennai, Diesel is being sold at Rs 68.35 in Kolkata, Rs 69.91 in Mumbai and 69.27 in Chennai. 

Earlier on Monday, Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas said that petroleum products should be brought under GST so that consumers get the benefits of price rationalization.

“I appeal again to the GST Council, finally this product has to come under GST (Goods and Services Tax) so that the consumer can benefit from price rationalization,” he had said.

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The rates for petrol and diesel used to be revised bi-monthly earlier. However, in 2017 all the oil companies junked this practice and adopted the daily price revision system following which prices are revised daily.