Microsoft Acquires GitHub At $7.5 Billion

| October 27 , 2018 , 17:55 IST

Microsoft, an American multinational technology giant has completed the acquisition of GitHub at $7.5 billion, media reported Friday.

GitHub is a leading software development platform which brings more than 31 million developers to create, collaborate, share and build on each other's work.

Announcing the acquisition completion, Microsft in a tweeter post said, "It’s official. @GitHub is now a part of the Microsoft family of companies. New GitHub CEO @NatFriedman shares his plans for a GitHub that’s open, developer-first, and better than ever."

Microsoft announced in June that it has reached an agreement to acquire GitHub. 

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In a blog post, Friedman said, "GitHub will operate independently as a community, platform, and business. This means that GitHub will retain its developer-first values, distinctive spirit, and open extensibility. We will always support developers in their choice of any language, license, tool, platform, or cloud."

"GitHub will retain its product philosophy. We love GitHub because of the deep care and thoughtfulness that goes into every facet of the developer’s experience. I understand and respect this, and know that we will continue to build tasteful, snappy, polished tools that developers love," he added.

In the coming days, GitHub will focus on improving core scenarios like search, notifications, issues/projects, and its mobile experience, the new CEO said.