Last Date To Link Aadhaar IDs With Financial Institutes Extended To March 31

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| December 13 , 2017 , 18:32 IST

For the goal of linking the national biometric ID Aadhaar card, government to PAN (Permanent Account Number) and bank accounts, the government has been taking every needed effort to facilitate the procedure which has led to several extensions in the deadline for linkage.

Dismissing the earlier rumours of the last date for linking Aadhaar and bank accounts as open-ended, the ministry of finance has confirmed that the date has indeed been extended from the prior deadline of 31 December 2017 but till March 31, 2018, and not infinity.

A notification issued by the Department of Revenue of the Ministry of Finance on December 12 which stated, " submit the Aadhaar number, and Permanent Account Number of Form No. 60,  by such date as may be notified by the Central Government" created the confusion among the masses.

The ministry tweeted, "It has been decided by the Government to notify 31st March, 2018 or six months from the date of commencement of bank account based relationship by the client, whichever is later, as the date of submission of Aadhaar number& PAN or Form 60 by the clients to the reporting entity."

The new bank account holders have been given a little relief with the deadline. They will be allowed to link their accounts with Aadhaar and PAN cards for six months from the date of their relationship commencement with the bank.

Earlier this month, the deadline for linking Aadhaar with PAN was also extended to March 31, 2018. Ever since the government made Aadhaar linkage with various services mandatory for availing certain privileges, many politicians and citizens have criticized the move.

Even the mobile numbers of every individual were asked to be linked with Aadhaar, the last date for which has been fixed as February 7, 2017. Condemning the act, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee stated that she would rather get her mobile phone number cancelled than linking it with the Aadhaar.