Indian HR Leaders Say Their Workforce To Rise In A Year: Survey

| September 22 , 2015 , 19:08 IST
Things seem to be progressing for human resources professionals in India, as most of HR leaders expect their workforce to increase over the next one year while 45 per cent of the organisations have also increased their recruitment budget, says a report. According to latest findings of recruitment firm Michael Page, about 66 per cent of Indian HR leaders expect their workforce to increase over the next 12 months. ALSO READ: Indian Tech Industry Supports 400,000 US Jobs, Helps America Innovate In comparison, less than half of the HR managers around the world feel that there would be hiring in their profession. The survey covers over 2,500 HR managers from various organisations ranging from SMEs to blue-chip brands in a cross-section of industries across 65 countries. Interestingly, 45 per cent of organisations in India have increased their recruitment budget as against 27 per cent firms globally. Besides, more than three-quarters (76 per cent) of senior HR leaders in India directly report to the highest levels of management, while the global average stands at 63 per cent. ALSO READ: Babus May Lose Their Job For Overstaying On Foreign Assignments With 12 per cent Indian organisations listing diversity and inclusion as a priority, globally the figure stands at 4 per cent only. "The Indian HR ecosystem has progressed from using diversity as a mere buzzword to factoring it in as a prerequisite to overall business success," the report said. It also observed that "from being regarded mainly as an administrative function few years ago, HR is becoming a strategic partner, aligned ever more closely with the business and focused on recruiting, developing and managing talent, which is the key to organisational success".