India's April-November Fiscal Deficit At 112% Of Full Year's Target

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| December 29 , 2017 , 19:17 IST

India's budgetary fiscal deficit for the first eight months of 2017-18 stood at 112 percent -- Rs 6.12 lakh crore -- of the full year's target of Rs 5.46 lakh crore, official data showed on Friday.

The data furnished by the Comptroller General of Accounts (CGA) showed that April-November fiscal deficit was 85.8 percent of the budget in the like period of the last fiscal.

According to the CGA data, net of tax revenue during the period under review was Rs 6.99 lakh crore or 57 percent of the estimated target.

The total receipts -- from revenue and non-debt capital -- during the fiscal's first eight months were Rs 8.66 lakh crore or 54.2 percent of the estimates for the current year.

The data revealed that total expenditure -- incurred on revenue and capital -- during the April-November period was Rs 14.78 lakh crore or at 68.9 percent of the entire fiscal's estimate.

The 2017-18 deficit -- the difference between revenue and expenditure -- has been pegged at Rs 5.46 lakh crore for 2017-18, as compared to the deficit of Rs 5.34 lakh crore for the last fiscal