Business CEO Rahul Yadav To Do 'Ask Me Anything' Session Now

| May 17 , 2015 , 11:41 IST CEO Rahul Yadav can't stop- being in news, that is. The controversial CEO has now agreed to an 'Ask Me Anything' session with Reddit. This comes less than a week after he decided to give all his shares in the company to employees. "Hey /r/India, Rahul Yadav has agreed for an AMA session with us. He's been in the headlines quite a lot recently, and has even been coined as the "monk who sold his Ferrari" by a few media outlets. So get your questions ready and let's have an interesting AMA here on /r/india. Please keep in mind that it will be [R]eddiquette enforced so we will be moderating to ensure civility," says the Reddit page The AMA will be held on Tuesday, 19 May at 6 PM. Yadav has constantly been in news for the last few days. First he had resigned, and took it back the same evening. After this he started another controversy over his profile picture on Facebook where he is seen showing his middle finger. On May 13, he released a press release about offloading all his shares to the 2251 employees of Housing, following which he challenged the the CEOs of Zomato and Ola to follow in his footsteps.

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