Good News! Govt To Raise Minimum Internet Speed By Four-Fold

| October 24 , 2017 , 14:15 IST

In today's era of technology and internet, Google is the solution to each of our questions. Gone are the days when to get an answer to measly problems, we used to run to textbooks or library. Now, only a few clicks are enough to learn about anything from the latest nuke weapons to the stories of medieval times.

But the entire enthusiasm of a surfer goes down the drain when instead of instantly providing us with the required information, the server starts throwing tantrums while the page is loading in the slowest speed possible.

Now, the problem of slow internet is about to witness its end days. Catering to many complaints about low internet speed, the government has started towards increasing the mandatory minimum internet speed as per cyber norms from the current 512 Kbps to 2 Mbps.

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As per an Economic Times report, the government has finally noted that the internet speed as transitioned by the Telecom companies or broadband networks is nowhere near the promised numbers.

Addressing the issue, Telecom secretary Aruna Sundararajan said, "We are very slow. While we have done a lot on (providing internet) access, we have not been able to actually deliver the quality of service that is required."

While the Indian economy is moving to digital transformation, the existing internet speed wouldn't suffice the major task of creating a strong Digital India. As pushed forward by the telecom regulator TRAI, the speed of 2 Mbps is just the beginning of bringing a big change.

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"2 mbps is the basic minimum. We should definitely mandate this. If at all, it should be higher than that. It cannot be lower than that," Aruna added.

Ever since the launch of 4G and Reliance Jio services in India, the telecom sector has witnessed a huge rise in the usage of the internet but the gradual drop in speed always refrain the users from utilising the service to its potential. Even TRAI has admitted of weaker internet speed in their 'Consultation Paper on Data Speed Under Wireless Broadband Plans' this year.

Their statement read, ".. it was noticed that the advertised speed differed substantially from the actual... Data speeds quoted by mobile network operators often appear to be at variance with those experienced by users."