Govt Exempts Sanitary Napkins From GST

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| July 21 , 2018 , 18:45 IST

In a major step for women of the country, On the 28th meeting of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) Council chaired by the acting Union Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs, Piyush Goyal on Saturday exempted Sanitary napkins from the GST.

Before the exemption of Sanitary napkin from GST, Sanitary napkin has been taxed 12 percent tax under the GST regime. It was severely criticised by women’s rights groups and other social activists around the country.

This would mean there would be no input tax credit available, even though inputs in the production of sanitary napkins are taxed.

It is expected that the council would decide on the revision of tax rates on vending machines and lithium-ion batteries among others.

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While addressing the meeting, Piyush Goyal had said, “GST is an example of cooperative federalism and has brought transparency & honesty in the system."

After taking the charge of the Ministry of Finance, it is for the first time that Goyal has attended the GST council meeting.

While addressing the council meeting, Goyal described GST as a biggest ever tax reform to be implemented in such a big country like India.

Goyal also thanked the States and Union Territories for rising above the politics and extending their support for the successful implementation of GST.