Fuel Prices Reach All Time High With Highest Rs 86.56/Litre Petrol In Mumbai

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| September 3 , 2018 , 11:24 IST

Petrol and Diesel prices touched a record high on Monday in some of the metropolitan cities reaching Rs 79.15/litre, increased by 0.31/litre for petrol and Rs 71.15/litre, increased by Rs 0.39/litre for Diesel in New Delhi.   

In Mumbai, the prices for petrol reached Rs 86.56/litre, increased by Rs 0.31/litre and for diesel reached Rs 75.54/litre, increased by Rs 0.44/litre.

Whereas in Chennai petrol reached Rs 82.24/litre, increased 0.32/litre and diesel reached Rs 75.19, increased by 0.42/litre, in Kolkata petrol prices reached 85.59/litre, increased by Rs 3.83/litre and diesel prices reached Rs 82.06/litre, increased by Rs 8.45/litre.

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In comparison between four metro cities, Mumbaikars are paying higher followed by Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi.

On September 2 the price for petrol was recorded at Rs 78.84/litre in Delhi, Rs 81.76/litre in Kolkata, Rs 86.25/litre in Mumbai and Rs 81.92/litre in Chennai.

The prices for diesel were recorded at Rs 70.76/litre in Delhi, Rs 73.61/lire in Kolkata, Rs 75.12/litre in Mumbai and Rs74.77/litre in Chennai.

The continuous rupee fall in comparison to US dollar is one of the main reasons for a hike in fuel prices as for importers crude oil becomes costlier.

The higher fuel prices have been attracting severe criticism from the opposition parties as at the time of UPA-II government the petrol prices were at Rs 63.09 in Delhi, Rs 70.35 in Kolkata, Rs 71.13 in Mumbai and Rs 65.9 in Chennai.