Fuel Prices Continue To Soar, Petrol Touches Rs 89.80 Per Litre In Mumbai

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| September 22 , 2018 , 18:59 IST

Petrol and Diesel prices touching sky high on Saturday reached close to Rs 90 per litre for petrol in Mumbai. 

In the financial capital of the country, petrol was sold at Rs 89.80 per litre, up from the previous price of Rs 89.69 per litre.

Similarly, in the other metropolitan cities, petrol was sold at Rs 82.44 per litre in Delhi, Rs 84.27 per litre in Kolkata and Rs 85.69 per litre in Chennai. The previous price for petrol was at Rs 82.32 per litre in Delhi, Rs 84.16 per litre in Kolkata and Rs 85.58 per litre in Chennai.

While the diesel was sold at Rs 73.87 per litre in Delhi, Rs 75.72 per litre in Kolkata, Rs 78.42 per litre in Mumbai and Rs 78.10 per litre in Chennai, respectively.

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Experts have been claiming that continuous hike in fuel prices is a result of increases in crude oil prices which has touched around $78.80 per barrel.

Further, experts also claimed that the high excise duty in the country has also added to the high petrol and diesel prices.

Cost of the fuel in all the key cities except Kolkata are at their record levels.

On September 17 in Maharashtra petrol price had crossed Rs. 90 per litre in at least 11 towns.