Fuel Prices Continue To Hike, Petrol Reaches Rs 90.84 Per Litre In Mumbai

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| September 30 , 2018 , 14:03 IST

Petrol and Diesel prices continue to soar on Sunday across the country and reached Rs 90.84 per litre and Rs 79.40 a litre in Mumbai.

According to the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), with up by 17 paise across the metro cities, petrol is retailing at Rs. 83.49 per litre in New Delhi, at Rs. 85.30 per litre in Kolkata and at Rs. 86.80 per litre in Chennai.

Diesel is retailing at Rs 74.79 per litre in New Delhi, at Rs 76.64 per litre in Kolkata, at Rs 79.40 per litre in Mumbai and at Rs 79.08 per litre in Chennai.

Among the top metropolitan cities, Delhi has the cheapest fuel rates because of lower taxes.

On the other hand, Mumbai levies the highest value-added tax (VAT).

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Experts have been claiming that continuous hike in fuel prices is a result of increases in crude oil prices which has touched around $78.80 per barrel.

Further, experts also claimed that the high excise duty in the country has also added to the high petrol and diesel prices.

According to reports, Global crude oil prices have surpassed their November 2014 highs ahead of a new round of US sanctions on Iran to be imposed November 4.