Facebook Doubles Bounty After Hacker Decides To Donate It To Charity

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| June 30 , 2018 , 16:45 IST

Facebook on Thursday doubled the bounty reward to Belgian hacker Inti De Ceukelaire. Ceukelaire is an ethical hacker and big bounty hunter. Last week he revealed that a particular Facebook quiz by the name ‘NameTests’ has exposed the data of 120 million users, and has been revealing data to third parties even after users deleted the application.

Social sweethearts, a German app maker developed theNameTests quiz used to obtain personal information and user data.

To expose the quiz maker that stole user data, Ceukelaire took a facebook quiz and found out that while taking the test, the website could fetch user's personal information and display it on a web page. He was shocked to know that his data was publicly available to third parties.

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Writing in a medium post, Inti De Ceukelaire said, “I reported this to Facebook’s Data Abuse program on April 22, and received a mail from facebook on April 30, stating that they are still looking into the issue. I again sent a follow-up mail, asking whether they already reached out to the app developers. On May 22, Facebook responded that it could take three to six months to investigate the issue (as mentioned in their initial automated reply) and that they would keep me in the loop. At this time, the NameTests quizzes were still up and running.”

“On June 25, I noticed NameTests had changed the way they process data. Third-parties could no longer access its user’s personal information,” he further wrote.

As per its data bounty program, Facebook decided to pay a sum of 4000 dollars to Ceukelaire. However, since the young hacker had requested to donate his bounty to Freedom of Press Foundation, the social media giant doubled the bounty to 8,000 dollars and informed him of the same on June 27.