Delhi Attains 6th Position In World's Top Metropolitan Economies: Report

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| September 15 , 2018 , 16:01 IST

Delhi may be the most polluted city in the world but in terms of economic development, the city is far ahead of other top metro cities around the world.

According to Global Metro Monitor 2018, Delhi has been ranked sixth around the world in terms of best performing metropolitan economies, media reported on Saturday.

The five metro cities which are ahead of the national capital are Dublin, San Jose, Chengdu, San Francisco and Beijing.

In a press release, GMM said, "Strong performers in India included Delhi and Hyderabad, with Delhi achieving the largest employment increase in the region and Hyderabad boasting the fastest GDP per capita growth rate (8.7 per cent)."

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"Metropolitan areas within the top 300 in China (55 new entrants), the Middle East and Africa (10), and the rest of the emerging Asia Pacific (8) have all increased, whereas metro areas in North America, Western Europe and Advanced Asia-Pacific have lost 64 slots in total," it added.

Apart from Delhi, the other cities that have been ranked in the top 100 cities across the country are Hyderabad with 14th rank, Surat with 19th rank, Mumbai with 23rd rank, Bangaluru with 46th, Kolkata with 59th rank, Ahmedabad with 86th rank, and Pune with 88th rank.

According to report, between 2014 and 2016, the 300 largest metro economies have been accounted for a 36 per cent of global employment growth and a 67 per cent of global GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth.