Day After Reduction, Petrol & Diesel Price Starts Rising Again

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| October 6 , 2018 , 15:04 IST

A day after petrol and diesel price reduction by the central government, petrol and diesel price starts rising on Saturday.

Petrol price increased by 18 paisa in New Delhi, by 12 paisa in Kolkata, by 18 paisa in Mumbai and by 19 paisa in Chennai.

Diesel price increased by 29 paisa in New Delhi, 29 paisa in Kolkata and 31 paisa in Chennai.

On Saturday across the metropolitian cities, Mumbai is the only state where diesel price was not hiked.

On Friday Petrol price acoss the four metro cities was reduced by 2.10 rupees per litre in New Delhi, by 2.50 rupees per litre in Kolkata, by 4.37 rupees per litre in Mumbai and by 2.63 rupees in Mumbai.

Whereas, diesel price across the four metro cities was reduced by 2.50 rupees per litre in New Delhi, by 2.5 rupees per litre in Kolkata, by 2.65 rupees per litre in Mumbai and by 2.68 rupees per litre in Chennai.

Announcing a decline in fuel prices, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday said, “The government has decided that Revenue Department will absorb Rs 1.50 per litre while Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) will absorb the other Rs 1.”

Jaitley had also urged state governments to reduce petrol and diesel prices by Rs 2.50 per litre which was taken positively by the 10 state governments.

The 10 states that reduced the petrol and diesel price by additional Rs 2.50 per litre are as follows:

After declining from Rs 90 per litre mark, in Mumbai still petrol was retailing at Rs 87.15 per litre on Saturday, the hihgest across the four metro cities in the country.
Except Mumbai, with hike in price across the metro cities diesel was retailing as follows:

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