Climate Change Can Shave Off 2.8% Of India's GDP By 2050, Says World Bank Report

| June 29 , 2018 , 13:07 IST

Climate change has been troublesome for India and can cause a heavy stress by 2050 as per a World Bank Report. The World Bank Report released on Thursday showed that India’s GDP will be cut by 2.8 percent by 2050, whereas 6.7 percent GDP will be cut in Bangladesh, and 7.0 percent GDP will be cut in Sri Lanka by 2050, thereby affecting the living standards.

According to the World Bank report, in the coming decades, changes in average weather will have a clearly negative effect on living standards in India. Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh which are predicted to have a living standards decline of more than 9 percent are the top two hotspot states, followed by Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh are also low-income states, home to large tribal populations.

Changes in average weather could, therefore, have important implications for poverty reduction. It is important to take corrective measures now otherwise future situation will take a worse turn as India’s temperature is predicted to increase by 1.5-3 degrees as per the South Asia Hotspot report by World Bank.

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The analysis has done on the basis of increasing educational attainment, reducing water stress, and expanding the non agricultural sector and it is predicted that increasing the average educational attainment by 1.5 years would reduce the magnitude of decline in living standards from 2.8 percent to 2.4 percent, reducing water stress by 30 percent, and increasing employment in non agricultural sectors by the same percentage.

However, little effort has been taken to understand the diverse effects of changes in average weather, as per the India National Action Plan in 2009 and Climate Change and Intended Nationally in 2015.