BSE To Launch Trading In Commodity Derivatives From October 1

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| September 29 , 2018 , 18:43 IST

The Bombay Stock Exchange is all set to launch trading in commodity derivatives from October 1, media reported on Friday.

The BSE has decided to waive off the transaction fees for the first year of commodities market operations. The move is aimed at attracting more investors to join the commodities markets.

The BSE will begin trading in commodity derivatives with non-agricultural commodities.

In a press statement, the BSE said, “BSE firmly believes that its commodity derivatives platform will help in efficient price discovery, reduction in timelines, cost-effective, user-friendly, robust risk management system and wider market penetration.”

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The launch will mark a bell ringing ceremony to commemorate the launch of the commodity segment on the BSE.

Ashishkumar Chauhan MD and CEO of BSE was quoted by PTI as saying, “We believe BSE's foray into commodities derivatives from October 1, 2018, will enable many more participants to join the commodities market and enhance the linkages between underlying spot markets and commodity derivatives markets in each commodity BSE introduces in this market.”

"We hope to make Indian markets through BSE as the price setters in commodities markets going forward using our superior technology and reach across nooks and corners of India," he added.