Amazon Faces Spike In Fake Orders During Festive Sale

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| October 11 , 2017 , 16:28 IST

E-commerce giant, Amazon was one among the many online platforms which offered commodities at discounted prices during the festive sale which was very successful. During these kinds of sales, fake orders are getting very common and the latest victim of the ordeal of Amazon.

The online giant witnessed a spike in the fake orders during their recent festive sale. Reportedly, most of these orders came from rural areas and an Amazon assistant, Vakrangee who helps the seller in promoting shopping through the platform in rural areas. All the orders were placed under cash on delivery (COD) payment option.

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An Amazon executed assured a sellers group on Facebook regarding the impending action in the case saying, "Yes, we are seeing a spike in fake orders and our teams are investigating the same." In general, e-commerce platform only have to face 10-15% of order cancellation or return.

Due to festive season at its peak, Amazon had to face more returned products due to the fake orders. The rush on the website is also contributing to the delay in the investigation.

An Amazon seller who received fake orders said, "We will face huge penalties because of these fake orders since we have to pay a fine if we don't ship the orders on time and then these orders get cancelled, forcing us to shell out other fees for logistics. Seeing the sudden uptick, we contacted the people who have placed these orders and it seems most of them came via Vakrangee."

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Under the project 'Udaan', the Seattle based company has joined hands with small businesses and shops to tap the rural markets and help people in purchasing through Amazon. Vakrangee is one of the partners of Amazon under the project who assists people in shopping.

Sellers are suffering due to these low-credibility orders and are losing money in the process. Many sellers have appealed to the e-commerce platforms that the trading system should be more transparent and allow them to provide their feedback on various matters.