More Than 63000 Koreans Sue Apple For Slowing Down Ageing iPhones

| March 31 , 2018 , 18:58 IST

In what could be termed as the biggest ever class action lawsuit in Korea, it is reported that more than 63000 people have lodged a mass lawsuit against Apple. The reason: slowing down ageing iPhones.

As per local media reports, all these people are being represented by a law firm named Hannuri and the suit has been filed with the Seoul Central District Court demanding multi-million dollars in damages.

As per reports customers are demanding more than 188$ per plaintiff which means a total of more than 12 million dollars in total.

The original number of users who intended to join the lawsuit was far more at 400,000. However, the numbers came down to 63,767 after documentation.

Lawsuits against Apple were filed across the Globe after the company admitted to slowing down the phones. While the company apologised to users for the act, it also stated that it was purposely slowing down the older iPhones to compensate for the battery stability.

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The tech giant also tried to placate angry customers, offering replacement batteries for iPhone6 and its successors for 29$ only. Battery replacement costs 79$ otherwise. It also launched a battery health function in the recently rolled out iOS 11.3 allowing users to monitor their batteries and turn off/on throttling.

The Hannuri was quoted as saying that though Apple recognized the underperformance of iPhones via iOS upgrade, it covered up the truth in offering the software to hide the faulty battery, prevent customer secession and promote the sale of new models