2.8 Million Volkswagen Cars In Germany Have Rigging Device, Says Minister

| September 25 , 2015 , 22:02 IST
Around 2.8 million Volkswagen vehicles in Germany are fitted with devices that can cheat emissions tests, Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt told parliament on Friday. volkswagen shares plunge by 20% on emission scandal "From what we know currently, not only passenger cars but small utility vehicles by Volkswagen are also affected," Dobrindt said, adding that diesel engines involved include 1.2 litre, 1.6 litre and 2.0 models. The minister added that the government will ensure that Volkswagen provides "transparency as well as repairs the damage" caused by the deception. ALSO READ: After Volkswagen Emission Scandal In US, India Orders Probe The company admitted earlier this week that 11 million of its diesel vehicles worldwide are equipped with the software that covertly turns on pollution controls when the car is being tested, and off when it is being driven. It is unclear which countries have been affected and which models of diesel are involved. According to the US probe announced last Friday -- which had led to the revelations -- Volkswagen and Audi cars are affected. ALSO READ: Volkswagen Loss Would Pose Threat To German Economy However, the Volkswagen group also owns several other brands including SEAT, Skoda and Porsche.

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