DGCA Grounds A320 Neo Planes Operated By IndiGo and GoAir For Mid Air Engine Failure

| March 12 , 2018 , 18:21 IST

India’s airline regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation on Monday grounded 11 A320 neo aircrafts in view of the occurrences of aborted takeoffs and in-flight shutdowns. These occurrences have happened globally with the A320 neos powered by PW1100 engines.

European safety regulator EASA had in February this year released emergency airworthiness directive for A320 neo planes fitted with PW1100 engines having a particular serial number. This had led to the grounding of three aircrafts by Indigo. However 11 other A320 neo aircrafts were allowed to operate. These included 8 aircrafts of Indigo and 3 aircrafts of Go Air.

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While DGCA, EASA and the operators were holding multiple talks and discussions three more in-flight shutdowns were reported, 2 in Indigo alights and one in a GoAir flight. The latest incident happened today when an Indigo A320 neo flight bound for Lucknow was forced to return to Ahmedabad and make an emergency landing after a mid-air engine failure. The plane had 186 passengers onboard.

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In view of these incidents and keeping in mind the passenger safety, DGCA on Monday issued a directive to ground all the A320nes fitted with one affected Pratt and Whitney engines beyond ESN 450 with immediate effect. The regulator has also asked IndiGo and GoAir not to refill these engines which are spare with them in their inventory.