29-Year-Old Becomes First To Launch Online Portal For 3D Printed Fashion

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| October 9 , 2017 , 15:39 IST

Considered to be the technology of the future, people are still exploring the varied uses of 3D printers in fields ranging from medical supplies to spacecraft parts and everything in between.

Fashion designers are exploring another application of 3D printers, by using them in the field of apparel. While some held the goal of creating clothing that was bulletproof, fireproof, pressure-resistant, others dreamed of creating clothing that would be one-of-a-kind, completely customizable and stylish.

The fashion trio of threeASFOUR in 2013 presented their collection of 3D printed couture gowns in New York City, however, the gowns were hard, immovable and difficult to wear for the models.

Due to the hard material of the gowns, one model was not even able to sit down while wearing the outfit. The models were also scratched heavily by the hard materials. As a result, 3D printed fashion did not expand much into commercial retail.  

Danit Peleg was inspired by 3D printed fashion during her internship with threeASFOUR in New York City, and 4 years later, at the age of 29, she launched an online retail business of 3D printed fashion from her home in Israel.

Having seen the 3D outfits created by threeASFOUR firsthand and knowing them to be breakable and scratchy during wear, Peleg made adjustments in her creations. Her first 3D printing was for a class project at the Shenkar College in Israel where she focused on making the fabrics used a priority to make the garments wearable off the ramp.

Using a thermoplastic elastomer-based polyurethane FilaFlex, Peleg 3D prints the outer designs of dresses and jackets which are then super-glued together. Nex, a layer of lining is attached to make the clothing more comfortable to wear. The result is a unique piece made to your measurements exactly.

Although the process seems simple, its time consuming. Simply printing the different parts of a jacket require up to 100 hours, which results in 30 pieces that have to be glued together before lining is attached. Peleg revealed that to make a single jacket, it takes about a month and a half. The 3D printed garments are not cheap either, one jacket costs around $1,500.

According to experts, it may still be awhile before 3D printed fashion catches on as a trend. A major impediment to its popularity is the costs, which may render 3D printed clothes as a mere novelty item. Also, the restriction in materials that can be used is also a difficulty, but hopefully soon other materials would be developed that would produce more comfortable, wearable and cost effective fashion.

If the difficulties with regard to materials and costs are resolved, 3D printed apparel opens a wide variety of opportunities, by eliminating the need for a separate manufacturer. Fashion designers and even someday fashion aficionados can let their imagination run free and design wearable clothing.