House On Wheels: Stunning Jeep Wrangler Super 8 ROAD M8 Concept Unveiled

| April 8 , 2018 , 17:30 IST

American car manufacturer Jeep has removed the curtains from its new Wrangler M8 SUV Concept model. The Jeep Wrangler Jeep Road M8 SUV Concept was showcased at the recently concluded New York Motor Show and surprisingly this particular concept is a home on wheels.

The Wrangler Road M8 SUV has been painted in yellow and red motel chain's colours. The red alloy wheels make it quite funky. This SUV model is made by super 8. Price has not been revealed yet.

Jeep has not forgotten that this will be incomplete without at least one work of art.

Pop the boot lid and there is a beautiful painting of a mountainside under the bonnet. This also allows you to essentially get a good night’s sleep in the car while you are parked and also allows for a certain amount of privacy.

On the back outside, the Wrangler gets a custom Super 8 logo on the spare wheel and optional overhead storage! 

All the things that you would need for a long road trip are available in the new Wrangler M8 SUV concept model. The upholstery done inside the SUV is just same as bed sheets and bed covers.

The coffee machine in the second row of seats is one of the things that set this wrangler apart and this isn’t your run of the mill coffee dispenser. It’s a gourmet machine that can dispense everything from a cappuccino to an espresso and everything in between right into your specially designed travel mug.

To give the feel of a highway motel room, the SUV gets wooden bits which mimic the furniture in the rooms along with essentials such as USB chargers, Wi-Fi connectivity, a small refrigerator and a coffee machine.

Most importantly, one must remember that the car underneath is a Jeep Wrangler which is one of the most capable go-anywhere 4x4s in the country!