Land Rover Unveils Range Rover Facelift 2018, Powertrain, Spacious Cabin And More

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| October 12 , 2017 , 15:56 IST

Unveiling their most luxurious and technically advanced vehicle, Land Rover has finally unveiled the facelift of its hybrid SUV Range Rover Sports PHEV, which comes with the option of a hybrid powertrain.

The vehicle is slated to hit the market in the beginning of 2018. The new flagship model P400e comes with an 85kW and 295 bhp electric motor.

Land Rover Chief Design Officer Gerry McGovern said, "Our customers are very clear about what they want from any new Range Rover. 'Don't change it, just make it better,' they tell us, so everything we've done has been about enhancing our flagship SUV."


"After nearly 50 years the fourth generation Range Rover is the finest so far, ensuring the original luxury SUV remains the choice for discerning customers the world over," he added.

With the vehicle able to produce a stunning torque of 640Nm, the vehicle can go from 0-60mph in an impressive 6.4 seconds. As of its electric feature, the vehicle can go up to 50 km of distance before needing a recharge.

Vehicle Line Director Nick Collins said, "The new [hybrid] powertrain isn't simply a no-compromise solution -- it builds on the traditions of our flagship SUV and delivers heightened refinement and comfort with impressive performance and efficiency."

However, the hybrid powertrain is just one of the many new features the car has.

In the new model, the vehicle features a sleek new grille and headlamp design on the outside while the inside has been completely revamped. With more spacious cabin and comfortable seats, the entertainment unit has also seen a notable top up.

Well connected in terms of utilities, USB, domestic power plug sockets and HDMI inputs have been played out evenly in the entire cabin. The vehicle also has a 4G/LTE wi-fi hotspot system that can support up to individual devices.