Wow! You Have To Check Out The Just Unveiled Zarooq Sand Racer 500 GT

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| July 19 , 2017 , 13:51 IST

The UAE based independent car manufacturer Zarooq Motors have unveiled the new Sand Racer 500 GT.

Sand Racer is actually a vehicle that promises to be a proper off-roader along with being a proper sports car. That’s one deadly combination we have never heard of.

Like Parcour, this hybrid also comes with only two seats and mid-engine layout, but unlike Parcour, which came with an AWD system, it sends power to the rear wheels.

The settings include road and sand and a maximum suspension travel of 45 centimetres thanks to Dakar-derived Intrax dampers. It is made of a full carbon fibre body and a built-in roll cage.

The Zarooq is priced at $450,000 and only 35 cars will be handed over for now, with numerous luxury goodies to justify that eye-watering price.