Young , Hungry And Oppressed: North Korean Child’s Plight Caught On A Video

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| } March 16 , 2017 , 15:25 IST
She was starving , had no freedom and feared for her life every second. Yeonmi Park faced the world and told the story of struggle she and her family faced in North Korea. Recently a two year old video surfaced , that is breaking the internet - Of a young North Korean girl who told the world how she was violated and tortured, before she finally found the courage to escape that hell . She was 13 years of age when Park and her mother was sold off for a petty amount ,she was raped and tortured . Yeomni decided she had to do something or she would die under this dictatorship . So tender in age , she took it upon herself to find a way out of the suffocating underprivileged lives they were living ; she set off to walk the Mongolian desert  all alone to fend for herself. (Video Below) A child who should have been kept in a safe atmosphere- was running scared fearing that she could be shot to death any second. But she made it , with a question for  humanity  , she never looked back , becoming a Human Rights Activist. She goes on to write a book called ‘In Order To Live’ , wherein she talks of the horrid days she faced as a child when she was abducted . She now speaks for the people still trapped in the remote areas of North Korea , who see no light and feel no comfort, she fights for them all.    

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