World Sparrow Day: The Most Common Bird Which Is Not So Common Anymore

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| March 20 , 2019 , 11:21 IST

People around the world recognized World Sparrow Day on Wednesday, the day which is designated to raise awareness of the house sparrow and then other common birds to urban environments, and of threats to their populations.

It is an international initiative by the Nature Forever Society of India in collaboration with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation (France) and numerous other national and international organisations across the world.

The House Sparrow was among the most commonly found among human habitat. The bird is supposed to have evolved with humans and known to have lived among human beings in close contact with us, instead of in forests.

However, the population of the house sparrow has seen a sharp decline in almost every city in the last two decades, according to WWF India or World Wide Fund for Nature.

Widespread use of concrete and cell phone radiation has affected sparrows as well as the other common flora and fauna in urban habitat and is a dire warning to humans about impending environmental hazards.

Along with the infrastructure, the lifestyle of people has also changed. Earlier, the sparrows would commonly get grains to survive on. But as people shifted to high rises, replacing the tree cover in the cities, the sparrows too shited, but sadly towards extinction.

Human activities and expansion are a major reason, the birds have shifted out from the cities. To put it another way, the cities are expanding. Sparrows have been included in the IUCN: International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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World Sparrow Day also has a broader vision to provide a platform where people who are working on the conservation of the house sparrow and other common birds can network, collaborate and exchange conservation ideas which will lead to better science and improved results.

It aims to provide a meeting ground for people from different parts of the world to come together and form a force that can play an important role in advocacy and in spreading the awareness on the need of conserving common biodiversity or species of lower conservation status.

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