Vladimir Putin Sworn In As President Of Russia For The Fourth Time

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| May 7 , 2018 , 17:15 IST

Vladimir Putin has been sworn in as the President of Russia for the fourth time at a ceremony held in the Kremlin Palace, Moscow on Monday. Putin secured more than 76.66% votes in the recently held elections. This was his best victory till now. Vladimir Putin is now expected to govern Russia till 2024, thus completing a quarter-century rule in the country, the longest ever term since dictator Joseph Stalin.

"I consider it my duty and my life's aim to do everything possible for Russia, for its present, and for its future," Putin said, with his hand on the Russian constitution during the swearing in.

A former spy, Putin was elected as the Prime Minister of Russia in August 1999 by President Boris Yeltsin. He became the acting President of Russia in December 1999 after the resignation of President Yeltsin. He served as the President of Russia for two consecutive terms i.e. from 2000 to 2008.

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Putin could not run for Presidency for the third time in a row, as the Russian constitution does not allow it. Therefore he ran for the office of the Prime Minister in 2008 allowing his trusted man Dmitry Medvedev to become the President of Russia.

In the 2012 Presidential Elections, Dmitry Medvedev made his recommendation that Putin be chosen as the Presidential candidate. Putin contested and won the third term with more than 63% vote share in his favour.