Trump And Hillary End The Second Debate With Harsh Spat And Personal Accusations

| } October 10 , 2016 , 13:00 IST
[caption id="attachment_225550" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Trump and Clinton Face Off in Second Presidential Debate Trump and Clinton Face Off in Second Presidential Debate[/caption] The US Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton faced each other for the second debate on Sunday night following a weekend of republican campaign's crisis. Both of them involved themselves in personal accusations and also brought up the issue of past sex scandals. The Washington town hall filed up with spat as Trump and Hillary covered some old ground in their second presidential debate. Here are some key issues which were put up during the debate: *Donald Trump addressed his leaked tape from 2005 making lewd remarks against women and said that the tape was under "locker room talk" and he respected women. * Hillary Clinton bruised aside the sexual harassment allegations by Trump against Bill Clinton and saying that she wanted to get audience questions. ALSO READ: Donald Trump Apologises On Lewd Sexist Comments In 2005 Video *Trump was asked by the audiences about Islamophobia which he responded with "It's not Muslim Ban, It's extreme vetting." *The debate had more of if Trump pays taxes and the private email server Hillary used while secretary of the state. * The debate also focused on new Supreme Court justice. ALSO READ: Team Hillary Digs Up Trump’s Playboy Video After His Sex Tape Jibe The debate had to end on a final happy note when both had to say good things about each other. Hillary started with "I like Trump's children," whereas Trump ended by saying "Hillary is a fighter and I like that about her."