Russian Military Helicopter Crashes In Syria, Both Pilots Killed

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| May 8 , 2018 , 13:11 IST

A Russian military helicopter while on a routine flight over Syria crashed, with both the pilots getting killed, the Russian Defence Ministry said to media on Monday. The reason behind the crash is not yet clear.

"A Russian helicopter Ka-52 crashed while on a routine flight over eastern regions of the Syrian Arab Republic. Both pilots were killed," it said.

The Ministry release added that a search and rescue team has taken the bodies of the deceased to the home airfield.

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"According to early information, the incident may have been due to a technical malfunction," it said.

The Russian Ka-52 'Alligator' is a powerful reconnaissance and combat helicopter designed to destroy tanks, armored and non-armored combat vehicles, manpower, helicopters and other hostile aircraft on the frontline and in tactical depth.

The Ka-52 is capable of flying in any weather conditions at any time of day or night. It is powered by two gas-turbine engines with a capacity of 2,400 hp each, and is capable of carrying up to 2,500 kg of weapon payload.

Recently, on May 3 a Russian Su-30SM fighter jet crashed over the Mediterranean Sea while it was moving upwards after its takeoff, resulting in the death of both of its pilots.

Russia has been actively involved in the conflict in Syria since 2015, coming to the aid of Syrian Bashar al-Assad at his request.