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Right Wing Cannot Deny Talks Of Hindu Terrorists: Kamal Haasan

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| November 2 , 2017 , 17:28 IST

At a time when Islamist extremism and terror groups continue to wreak havoc globally, with a most recent attack in New York being claimed in the name of the Islamic State group, Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan has alleged that terror has spread into the 'camp' of Hindus as well, and that now Hindu right-wing groups also resort to violence.

"In the past, Hindu, right-wing groups would not indulge in violence. They would hold a dialogue with opponents. But now they resort to violence," Haasan wrote in his column in a popular Tamil weekly news magazine.

"The right wing cannot challenge talk of Hindu terrorists because terror has spread into their camp as well," said Haasan.

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"Hindus are losing faith in 'satyameva jayate' and instead subscribing to 'might is right'," he added.

"World over, there is a move towards fascism and a leaning toward the right-wing. But this is a temporary trend, it won't win," Haasan said.

"There is an attempt to bring back regressive thinking in music, art, to make it right-wing, not just in Tamil Nadu but throughout the country," he said.

Following Haasan's comments, RSS thinker Rakesh Sinha slammed the actor for his statements and tweeted, "Kamal Haasan must apologise for hurting Hindu civilisation, defaming it, trying to create provocation for his petty political end."

Reports of Kamal Haasan joining politics and possibly launching his own party have been doing the rounds, as he has often accused the ruling AIADMK in Tamil Nadu of being seeped in corruption. However, any alliance with the BJP has been ruled out as he in September stated that 'saffron is not my colour'.


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