Flag Politics: Pakistan Announces Even Taller Flag At Wagah Border

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| July 7 , 2017 , 10:38 IST

In March this year, India had hoisted the country's tallest flag at the height of 350 feet at the Attari border, which could be visible from Lahore in Pakistan. Now, Pakistan has announced that it will be hoisting its national flag even higher at a height of 400 feet at the Wagah border.

According to media reports, the Pakistan government has already launched preparations for their flag hoisting by clearing the space and cutting down trees. If successful hoisted, the Pakistani flag will become the eighth tallest flag in the world.

However, tall flags are not without difficulties, as India has learned.

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After the Indian national flag was hoisted at a height of 350 feet at the Attari border on March 5, within days it was torn by strong winds and had to be replaced. Since then the flag has been replaced 5 times and the flagpole has been without the flag entirely for the past three months. As per reports, the flag would fall to ground during the daily 'beating the retreat' ceremony on the India-Pakistan border.  

The installation of the Indian flag at the Attari border had drawn protests from Pakistan, who alleged that the tall flagpole might be used for espionage activities onto their side of the border. India, however, maintained that minimum distance required from the border had been met and so Pakistan's protests were disregarded.

The recent undertaking of the Pakistani government to launch their own 'tallest flag' has been ruled out as having any ulterior motives.

"There can be no other but psychological reason behind installing the tallest flag at Wagah. Pakistani authorities must have felt that with India installing the tallest flag, which was seen from Lahore, had lowered their prestige so they have taken such decision," former deputy inspector general of Border Security Force D S Saran was quoted as saying.