New York Welcomes Trump With Protests, Security Measures

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| August 15 , 2017 , 09:29 IST

Hundreds of people gathered outside the Trump Tower here, waiting for President Donald Trump to arrive at his home, on what is his first overnight visit to his residence since he was sworn into office in January.

In the midst of heavy security measures, protesters on Monday held signs with messages such as "NO! In the Name of Humanity, We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America", "Black Lives Matter", "No to the Trump-Pence regime", "Not my president" and "No to war", reports Efe news.

The protests took place around Trump Tower, where the President had lived before moving to the White House.

Cleaning trucks and barriers have been deployed by police, who guard the building armed with weapons, together with Secret Service agents.

Although the President's arrival is not scheduled until late night, the protesters began to gather many hours in advance.

As part of the security measures, several streets around the building were closed, causing traffic congestion in the area.

In addition, the police have said that all buses passing through Fifth Avenue, where Trump Tower is situated, will be inspected.

The protest against the President's visit was expected since last week as repudiation of various measures implemented under his administration, in addition to the violent racist incidents in Virginia which killed one person and left about twenty wounded.

More protests against Trump are expected on Tuesday in New York, whilst he is scheduled to hold several meetings in the city.