Naela Quadri Blames Pakistan Of Genocide, Seeks India's Intervention

| } April 3 , 2016 , 11:04 IST
World Baloch Women’s Forum president Naela Quadri Baloch on Saturday blamed the Nawaz Sharif-led Pakistan government of genocide against Balochis and sought India's intervention to safeguard Balochis' rights. naela-qadri "The demand of the Baloch people that India should intervene in Balochistan, India should stop Pakistan from genociding Baloch people. India should do it. But India is not doing it. India is not playing their role what they should have," ANI quoted her as saying. Rubbishing Pakistan's claim of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) presence in Balochistan, Quadri denied having any information about the alleged RAW agent Kulbhushan Yadav, whom Pakistan claims to have arrested from Balochistan. "It's a lie, we don't know from where they have arrested him and they're showing that it was from Pakistan," she said. "Balochistan is not in Pakistan, it is occupied by Pakistan," she added. Pakistan had released a six-minute video of Kulbushan Yadav wherein he has reportedly confessed to his involvement in an alleged spying activity in the country, and especially in Balochistan. However, External Affairs later denied Pakistan's claim and revealed that Kulbushan was a former Navy official and has no links to the government.