Mark Zuckerberg Calls Facebook Official's Comments On India 'Deeply Upsetting'

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| February 11 , 2016 , 09:50 IST
Mark Zukerberg1Hours after Facebook official Marc Andreessen deleted an offensive tweet on India, founder Mark Zuckerberg put out a strong disclaimer calling the comments "deeply upsetting". "I want to respond to Marc Andreessen's comments about India yesterday. I found the comments deeply upsetting, and they do not represent the way Facebook or I think at all," Mr Zuckerberg posted on Wednesday. "India has been personally important to me and Facebook. Early on in my thinking about our mission, I traveled to India and was inspired by the humanity, spirit and values of the people. It solidified my understanding that when all people have the power to share their experiences, the entire world will make progress," he wrote on Facebook. [fb_pe url="" bottom="30"] Earlier on Tuesday Andreessen, a Facebook board member, provoked furious reactions with this tweet: "Anti-colonialism has been economically catastrophic for the Indian people for decades. Why stop now?" but soon realised his mistake and deleted it. Though Andreessen apologised for the mistake in a series of tweets but netizen kept circulating the screenshot of the tweet with angry reactions. (With Agency Inputs)


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