ISIS Forced To Offer Marriage Counselling Centre To Unhappy

| } April 25 , 2016 , 14:29 IST
islamic state 3Islamic State militants in Syria have been forced to open marriage counselling centres to calm the unhappy jihadi brides who are struggling to cope up with the life of the war-torn zone. Thousands of Westerners left their comfortable lives to marry a jihadist after being radicalised online. However, many women are now struggling to cope up with the constant threat of air-strikes, food shortages and lack of running water and electricity. In order to keep the couples together and show the world that ISIS is a fully functional society, the terrorist organization's media wing has released images of its marriage counselling centre in its defacto capital of Al Raqqa in Syria, the Mirror reported. The images show a troubled wife being counselled by an ISIS leader. The harsh reality, however, is that families use wood to cook food and the water supply in the ISIS stronghold is so contaminated that it gives diarrhoea to children. A veiled woman interviewed in secret by the site Open Your Eyes shares that there's no electricity, drinking water or services. "Now we are back to ancient times," she shared.