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India In Violation Of Panchsheel Pact, Claims China

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| July 5 , 2017 , 19:27 IST

Fast-tracking their attack against India on the Sikkim stand-off, China on Wednesday said that India has ‘trampled’ on the Panchsheel pact by entering Chinese territory, asking India to pull back troops to avoid a ‘worsening of the situation’ on their border.

China also claimed that India was ‘misleading’ its people by saying that Doklam is located at the tri-junction of India, Bhutan and China.

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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said, “As we all know, China, India, and Myanmar in the 1950s jointly proposed five principles of peaceful coexistence.”

However, he added, to the surprise of everyone, the Indian side has trampled on the basic norms of international relations that were proposed by itself by illegally crossing into others' territory.”

Geng assessed that the Indian side said that the Doklam is located within the tri-junction of the three countries in disregard of the 1890 Sino-Britain convention, which is misleading the public.

China has claimed that the road is being built on Chinese territory, admitting Bhutan’s opposition it affirmed that the ownership of Doklam is yet to be decided.

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China and India have been in frequent contact over the last few months in order to solve the boundary issue. India however, is alleging that Beijing is trying to 'unilaterally determine the tri-junction points, violating the 2012 India-China agreement. According to the agreement, the boundary will be decided by consulting all the concerned parties.

China has asked India to withdraw its troops from the stand-off as a precondition to any further talks to settle the Sikkim stand-off.

Earlier, India obstructed China's road construction in Doklam, a disputed territory between Bhutan and China. The two sides have been in a stand-off in Doklam on the Sikkim sector ever since.

Following the events, China last week suspended the pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar. In response, India on Friday said it has told China that the building of a road by Chinese troops in the Doklam region will have serious security implications for India and urged China not to change the status quo unilaterally.

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