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Enhance Mutual Trust, India-China Are Not Born Rivals, Says Chinese Media After NSA Doval Meet

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| July 28 , 2017 , 08:20 IST

Following the first meeting between National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi on Thursday, possibilities seem to be opening up of a de-escalation of tensions between the two nations over the situation at the Sikkim border.

The first meeting of India's top security officials with China officials since the standoff began in mid-June was held on the sidelines of the BRICS nations security dialogue being held in Beijing.

In a report by Chinese official news agency Xinhua, after the meet between Doval and Jiechi, for the first time, the matter of Indian troops withdrawing from the Doklam region on the Sikkim border was not mentioned as a pre-requisite for 'meaningful dialogue'.

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Signaling that the two nations were heading towards a de-escalation of tensions on the border, the report said that the two nations are 'not born rivals' and that there was a need to 'enhance mutual trust'.

"Both China and India need to enhance communication and nurture trust between them, first by recognizing that the two are not born rivals and that harboring ill will against each other is dangerous," said the report.

"Most economies, including those in the West, will find themselves negatively affected by an India-China war in a globalized and intertwined world today," it added.

"The recent border issue between the two countries shows a lack of strategic trust on the Indian side," claimed the report.

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"India must understand that China wishes what's good for the Indian people and would love to see a strong India standing shoulder by shoulder with China," said the news agency report.

"Instead of being rivals, India and China have much more common ground, common interests, and common aspirations. Both as developing countries, the two need to work together on important issues like fighting climate change, protectionism and the financial privileges of Washington," it continued.

It further said, "Hopefully, wisdom will guide the two countries to common prosperity. There is more than enough room for them to co-exist and thrive in Asia and in the world".

Doval is scheduled to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday.

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