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Chinese Government Issues Safety Advisory To Chinese Living In India

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| July 8 , 2017 , 17:44 IST

The Chinese Government has issued a safety advisory to Chinese people that are living in India as the tension on the border increases.

“The Chinese Embassy in India is reminding Chinese citizens to pay close attention to the local security situation, improve self-protection awareness, strengthen security, reduce unnecessary travel,” the note said.

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It also called for Chinese citizens to reduce “unnecessary travel” and carry identification documents, adding that they must strictly obey Indian laws and regulations.

It called on its citizens to pay attention “to personal and property safety, in advance inform family, colleagues, friends (of) travel plans”.

“Channels of communication (between the traveller and family) should be open, (citizens should) carry personal identifications, be cautious.

“It is not a travel alert. It is advisory asking Chinese travellers to be careful,” a foreign ministry official told PTI.

“The Chinese government attaches great importance to the safety and lawful rights of Chinese citizens,” Geng Shuang, foreign ministry spokesperson had said earlier. “In accordance with the security condition of the relevant country, we will decide whether or not to issue a travel alert,” he had said, giving enough indications that Beijing was weighing the possibility of issuing an advisory.

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