Canadian Politician Handles Heckler With "Love And Courage"

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| September 13 , 2017 , 19:22 IST

A Sikh politician in Canada was heckled by some racist comments during one of his town-hall meetings last Wednesday. The politician, Jagmeet Singh, who is running to be the head of the New Democratic Party, instead of arguing with the heckler, handled the situation with "love and courage".

Jagmeet Singh was campaigning at one of the town halls when he was interrupted a woman shouting racist comments.

"When is your Shariah going to end?" the heckler asked, "We know you are in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood!"

Instead of taking the easy way out by telling the woman he wasn't a 'Muslim', the Sikh politician, took his time with the person telling her, "we welcome you. We love you. We support you".

"Everyone in this room loves you, this room is filled with people who are loving," he told the woman swatting racist comments.

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Choosing love and support from his supporters, Singh asked the crowd, "What do we believe in?" After a short pause, the audience said: "Love and courage", and he repeated that for a couple times.

Talking in lines with late civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr, he said: "We don't want hatred to ruin a positive event, so let's show people how we treat people with love."

Left in surprise by getting an unexpected response, the heckler soon stormed out of the town hall.

The politician also told why he didn't take the easy way out and ended the scuffle immediately by telling the woman that he wasn't a Muslim. He explained, "My response to Islamophobia has never been 'I'm not Muslim.'"

"It has always been and will be that 'hate is wrong'," he added.

At a time when the American President himself uttered racial slurs in his campaign, it's clear how hard the life of a Muslim must be in foreign countries.

This aggression against Muslim is not only harming them but others as well. Notably, this is not the first incident a Sikh was mistaken for a Muslim.

As a matter of fact, in the first incident against Muslims after the 9/11 attack, a Sikh was killed by a man who said, "I stand for America all the way."