Air France Female Crew Members Threaten Mutiny Over Headscarves For Flights To Iran

| } April 4 , 2016 , 12:39 IST
air franceAir France has recently issued a dressing guideline for its female flight attendants to Iran which includes wearing a headscarf. Air France will resume its flight to the Iranian capital on April 17. Staff have accused the airline of attacking individual freedoms after a new dress code was announced ahead of the resumption of flights to Tehran in April. An internal email said "Female cabin crew had to wear pants during the flight and put on a loose-fitting jacket and headscarf before disembarking the plane when it arrived in the strict Islamist country", reported According to Christophe Pillet of the SNPNC union, management has raised he possibility of "penalties" against anyone not observing the dress code. Air France said that all air crew were "obliged like other foreign visitors to respect the laws of the countries to which they travelled". The company also said that the headscarf rule when flying to certain destinations was "not new" since it had applied before flights to Tehran were stopped and also to crew flying to Saudi Arabia. Air France announced in December 2015 the resumption of Paris-Tehran flights after they were suspended in 2008 when Iran was hit with international sanctions over its nuclear ambitions.