78-Foot Wave Recorded In New Zealand, Largest Ever In Southern Hemisphere

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| May 12 , 2018 , 15:26 IST

Scientists in New Zealand have recorded the largest wave ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere. The wave measuring 78 foot was measured by a buoy in the Campbell islands about 430 miles south of New Zealand on Tuesday. The wave equals almost an 8 storey building in height.

The buoy is solar powered and was installed by MetService in March this year. It operates for twenty minutes every three hours. This suggests that there could have been much bigger waves that they buoy would not have recorded. Interestingly no individual witnessed the wave in person.

"This [new wave] is a very exciting event and to our knowledge, it is [the] largest wave ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere. This is a very important storm to capture, and it will add greatly to our understanding of the wave physics under extreme conditions in the Southern Ocean." MetOcean’s senior oceanographer said in a statement.

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Oceanographers and experts believe that the wave could have been generated by a deep low-pressure system, combined with high winds.

The previous record for the highest wave in the Southern Hemisphere was in Tasmania measuring 22.03 metres (72.2 foot).