Hailed As Warrior Heart, 13-Year-Old Heart Transplant Recipient Dies On First Day Of School

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| August 21 , 2017 , 16:08 IST

Life had never been easy for 13-year-old Peyton West from Goshen, Ohio, who had been diagnosed with a heart condition before he was born and faced his first open-heart surgery when he was 1 day old. Peyton had been born with only the right side of his heart functioning, but 3 open-heart surgeries helped him survive until the age of 13 when even the right side of his heart began to fail.

Left with no other option but a heart transplant, Peyton and his family began to wait for a suitable heart. Peyton's family chronicled their trials, tribulations, and joys on a Facebook page, and one day they were able to happily announce that Peyton had successfully had a heart transplant.

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The difficulties were far from over for the brave boy, hailed as 'Warrior Heart' in his community. Next began a grueling process of recovery which stretched for months.

"He has traded one heart condition for another and a lifetime of medications and autoimmune issues," his family wrote. "But this boy is amazing and most days has had a huge smile and loves to joke."

Peyton seemed to be adjusting well, until five months later, on the first day of school.

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Feeling unwell on the drive to school, Peyton was taken to the hospital and for more than two hours he did not have a heartbeat as the doctors tried to revive him.

Peyton died at 10:45 AM but for the 5 months he lived with the new heart, he was happy, said his family.

"We just kind of realized that, you know, his body is just tired and worn down," his father said. "He had an awesome five months. Without that organ donation, we wouldn't have had these five months for Peyton to live like he hadn't lived before."