[Watch] After Lap Dance With Model In Bikini, Now Swami Om Gives Yoga Lessons To Topless Model

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| } May 9 , 2017 , 20:38 IST
[caption id="attachment_261714" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Still from the video. Still from the video.[/caption] Ex-Bigg Boss contestant and self-proclaimed spiritual guru Om Swami has crossed all the limits of filthiness in her latest video, in which he can be seen giving Yoga lessons to a topless model. Om Swami had always been in news ever since his entry in Bigg Boss season 10 house. He is known for his unruly behaviour on TV shows, unusual controversies with which he always managed to irk audiences. Now, the self-confessed godman is now back in the news due to a shocking video, in which he can be seen sitting with a topless model and giving her yoga lessons. Sadly, model Anam Khan is topless with only a white liquid covering her nipples! She is only wearing yoga pants and sitting topless in a meditative pose. Check out the video here: A few days back, a video of Om Swami taking a lap dance from a bikini-clad lady model Anam Khan went viral. In that video, model was dancing around Swami Om and trying to distract him while he was in meditation. Here is the video of Om Swami taking a lap dance from a model in bikini: Reportedly, the video was a glimpse from Om Swami's upcoming film 'Mann Ka Mail'.