[Video] This Woman Gets her Hand Stuck In Commode; Click To Know What Happened Next

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| } April 20 , 2017 , 17:07 IST
[caption id="attachment_257682" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Still from the video Still from the video[/caption] Everyone was shocked when a video of a Texas woman, who got her hand stuck in a toilet, went viral on social internet. A Texas woman named Gracie Henderson have experienced the crappiest day of her life. She actually shifted into her new home in New Caney and a water pipe busted in the wall the day she moved in. Also Read: [Watch] This Viral Video Of Woman’s Racial Rant Towards Asian Passenger On Irish Train Is Infuriating “A water pipe busted in the wall the day I moved in. I got my car stuck in the mud in the front yard. My brand new lawn mower stopped working,” she said, according the Houston Chronicle report. But this was not the issue, she got the herself into great misery on April 12, when her toilet clogged and she didn't have a plunger to fix it. Then, she thought she might be able to fix the clogged commode by sticking her hand into the pot. Also Read: [Watch] This Video Proves PM Modi Has Soft Corner For Kids But what happened next left her in great trouble, as she her hand got her watch got stuck and, by extension, the hand it was on, according to KHOU-TV. Watch the video how woman's hand got stuck in the toilet: