Twitterati Are In Awe As Sonam Kapoor's Hubby Changes Name To Anand S Ahuja

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| May 17 , 2018 , 17:17 IST

Bollywood Actress and famed fashionista Sonam Kapoor married beau Delhi-based businessman Anand Ahuja on May 8 in Mumbai. A self-proclaimed feminist, Sonam changed her social media handle on Instagram to Sonam K Ahuja, honouring both her father's last name as well as her new family's. While women changing their names after marriage is common, in a first, Anand adjusted his name on Instagram as well, changing it to Anand S Ahuja.

The change in Anand's social media handle was first pointed out by Sonam herself when she was questioned about changing her name.

"I have always said that I am a feminist. I have the choice to change my name to what I want to. Kapoor is also my father's name. So it is a man's name anyway. I chose to keep both. Anand has also changed his name but nobody wrote about that," Sonam said to the Indian Express on Thursday, after arriving from Cannes Film Festival where she had gone soon after her wedding.  

Once the newly-wed bride pointed out the change in hubby Anand's name, public took to Twitter to hail the example set forth by the 35-year-old groom.