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Toshi Uncle Defends Mother Of Child Crying While Studying In Virat Kohli's Viral Post

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| August 23 , 2017 , 11:38 IST

Cricketers Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, Yuvraj Singh and Robin Uthappa had recently shared a video of a little girl crying while being forced to study, which went viral as people across the nation called out on the apparent 'child abuse'. Bollywood singer-composer Toshi has revealed that the child in the viral video is his and Sharib Sabri's niece, and defended his sister's parenting.

In the viral video which has received 3.1 million views since it was uploaded by Virat 4 days ago, the child with fear in her eyes is seen beseeching her mother not to be so harsh while teaching.

Toshi defended the video, describing his 3-year-old niece Haya as a 'stubborn child' and that parents cannot stop teaching their children if the children throw 'tantrums'.

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Singer Toshi, speaking to Hindustan Times said that the video was made for their family’s WhatsApp group, “Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan don’t know about us. We know about our child better. Haya’s nature is such that after being scolded, the next minute she runs off to play. But, because of her nature, if we don’t push her, she won’t study.”

He added that the family didn’t expect the video to go viral. “The video was made by the child’s mother, who wanted to show her brother and husband that how stubborn the girl has become."

“All the crying was for that moment so that her mother doesn’t make her study and let her play. Haya is just about 3 years old. In every house, there are different kind of children. Ours is a very stubborn child but is extremely dear to us,” he added.

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According to Toshi, it’s important for the child to learn, and it’s okay for one to overlook the tantrums of the child if it’s the question of education. “The homework she gets in nursery, of learning numbers, she’ll never be able to learn. It’s not a big issue."

Asked about the reaction of Haya's mother, Tosih said "When other’s are feeling bad on seeing the video, then being a mother, of course, she’s upset too.”

"One can’t judge a mother’s love for the child by seeing a short video. If children throw tantrums, then should we stop teaching them? It’s not easy to raise children. I’m married and have a son. I know how difficult it is to raise a child. Parents have to do double duty by managing both — the children and the household at the same time,” said Toshi.

Watch the viral video below:

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