This Viral Video Highlights All Possible Ways In Which Indians Fight, And It's Hilarious!

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| } May 4 , 2017 , 18:26 IST
They way Indians fight is always trolled but this viral video did it in the best way possible. 'Jordindian' took to their facebook page to post a compilation video of different ways in which Indians get into a quarrel and it is just hilarious. They focuses on people who only boast but truly have no mettle. He shows through many improvisations how people are so easily angered on petty issues and pick up fights. There are people who just hurl huge threats but do nothing when the chance comes. [caption id="attachment_260760" align="aligncenter" width="759"]Still from Jordindian's Video Still from Jordindian's Video[/caption] He also enacts how people here use their favourite line 'Bahar Mil tu' , he jokingly shows the men taking out a date out of their calendar to fix a fight. The Best bit about the video is the part where he shows the kind of Indians who refuse to hit back, he is repeatedly slapped and still does not retaliate. Check out the video below and choose which way do you fight:

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